Proceedings of Fortran Day at the University of Tokyo

Edited by SATO, Hiroyuki (Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo), 2006.

This online-proceedings is a collection of the stuff at the workshop `Fortran Day at the University of Tokyo' on October 31, 2006.

Organized by Fortran Day Organizing Committee
Co-chaired by SATO, Hiroyuki and SATO, Fumitoshi (The University of Tokyo)
Partially Supported by High Performance Fortran Promoting Consortium


Fortran Day at the University of Tokyo was organized as three sessions focusing on modern Fortran features.

The first session was an introduction of Fortran 2003 by Prof. Takata of Edogawa University. The second session focused on vendor implementations of Fortran in terms of high performance computing. We invited Intel, Hitachi, NAG and Cray for talks. The third session was given by Dr. J.K. Reid, the convener of ISO Fortran, who focused on co-arrays to be included in Fortran 2008.

In this proceedings, we collected talks at sessions 2 and 3. Session 3 also includes an explanation of co-arrays, by the courtesy of Cray Japan. Because some slides partially contain Japanese fonts, you may have some trouble in brousing them. We apologize for your inconvenience.

SATO, Hiroyuki (co-chair of Fortran Day).


New Features of Fortran 2003

Fortran Implementations for High Performance Computing

  • Fortran Program Development with Visual Studio 2006 -- Use Intel Visual Fortran with Visual Studio Kobayashi, Hirokazu (Intel Japan).
  • Compiler Cache Optimizations for SR11000 Kyushima, Ichiro (Hitachi System Laboratory).
  • NAGWare f95 recent and future developments Cohen, Malcolm (NAG Japan).
  • Co-Array Fortran programming model and the performance on Cray systems Mikami, Kazunori (Cray Japan).

    Co-arrays to be included in the Fortran 2008 Standard

  • Co-arrays to be included in the Fortran 2008 Standard Reid, John, K. (Convener of ISO Fortran Committee).
  • Co-arrays in the next Fortran Standard (Reference)
  • Co-arrays Explained Cray Japan.